Kawasaki Mechanism Certification System

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Kawasaki Mechanism Certification System

A strength and characteristic of Kawasaki City is its effort in promoting a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a global basis by leveraging high quality environmental technologies. As one of its related initiatives, Kawasaki City has initiated the Kawasaki Mechanism Certification System to mark the contribution to GHG emission reductions outside the city (avoided emissions) made through the use of environmental technologies of enterprises within the City and to facilitate the appropriate evaluation of these enterprises in the market.
The outline of the system is as follows.

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Basic Concepts

  • Further promotion of the effort for global GHG emission reductions by leveraging the environmental technologies of business operations within the City
  • Promotion of international contributions and industrial development through the use of environmental technologies
  • Development of a mechanism in the market that facilitates the appropriate evaluation of business operations, which contribute to GHG emission reduction on a global basis

Calculation Method of the Quantity of the Avoided Emissions

For the calculation method of the quantity of the avoided emissions, please see the “Calculation guidelines of the quantity of the avoided emissions” below.

Criteria for Certification Review

Based on the calculation guidelines for avoided emissions, an examination is made to ensure fairness and accuracy of the following items regarding products and technologies for review.

・Basic elements for avoided emissions

  • Establishment of types of contribution activities outside the City
  • Full lifecycle-based approach to reduction
  • Expandability, uniqueness, and innovation

・Specific methods for quantifying avoided emissions

  • Methods to calculate net outside reductions based on lifecycle evaluation
  • Methods to set the degree of contribution (rate of contribution to emission reduction) for business operators in the City
  • Methods to obtain data on the amount of units sold outside the City

How to use the certification results of the quantity of the avoided emissions

  • Incorporation of avoided emissions into the system of Planning and Reporting of Anti-Global warming Measures in Business Activities based on the Ordinance*

    (*Kawasaki City Ordinance on the Promotion of Measures against Global Warming)

  • Use it as a means to manage progress in the city’s reduction targets

  • Collaboration with Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand Project

  • Use of the Logo

Winning the 10th LCA Society of Japan Chairman's Award

Kawasaki City won the 10th LCA Society of Japan Chairman's Award for the efforts of “Kawasaki Mechanism”.

For further details, please see the LCA Society of Japan websiteLinked to external website.


The awards ceremony and the commemorative speech (on January 23rd, 2014)