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One of the significant advantages supporting the businesses in Kawasaki is a superior transportation infrastructure.
Kawasaki, located adjacent to the Capital Tokyo, is linked to major cities in Japan via a railroad or roadway extending as a web network.

It is 90 minutes away by train or car  to the International Airport, which is a gateway of Japan opening to the world and its network is expanding to major cities around the world, is located To Tokyo Haneda Airport, which is a central airport for domestic flights, can be reached within only 14 minutes.

It is only 18 minutes to Tokyo station, which is a central station of the domestic railroad, and can reach to any major cities in Japan via Shinkansen (a bullet train). Likewise, a railroad and highway road network are so well organized that an access to major cities is much easier compared to other cities.

In addition, the Port of Kawasaki has been developed with having a function of both of an industrial and commercial port, and its lines are connected to major ports around the world. Kawasaki is located in the middle of the Tokyo Bay and neighbors to the ports of Yokohama and the ports of Tokyo, therefore it is very easy to access to both ports via highly developed highway network.
As explained a trading function is fully equipped, it is a good environment for logistics as well.