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Support Program and Infrastructure

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A range of properties such as an industrial park, a land for laboratory, a land for business use and a building for office use are available for companies who are planning to start a business in Kawasaki.
The social infrastructure is also highly maintained.
Electric power supply is so stable and reliable. Kawasaki is recognized as an "Energy supply base for the Tokyo Metropolitan Area"; the city can provide energy and water for business use as much as three times its normal consumption rate.

And many banks or financial institutions are active in Kawasaki therefore a various type of accommodation are available.
Furthermore, not only a support and incentive program provided by the City, but also the prefectural or national government support program can be taken additionally.

The City of Kawasaki will strive to support all of your business activities at one stop service covering both of physical and knowhow aspect.

Kawasaki Coastal Area

Kawasaki Coastal Area