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Future Direction of Industry Development

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In the 21st century, people may look for a service that is beneficial to own's daily life as opposed to manufacture's driven consumer style. In that, "Safety", "Environment" and "Welfare" will be a key word in the future industry and it will become more important to provide services which are closely interfaced with people's lifestyle by utilizing an advanced technology like an information-communication technology, nanotechnology or biotechnology in addition to manufacturing competency.

In Kawasaki, while overcoming the pollution problem, a range of environmental technologies have been accumulated and by utilizing its knowhow, some developments such as a wasted material reuse/recycling or a disaster rescue robot have started and those are receiving a prominent reputation from the world. Following that, it is cooping to apply this accumulated knowhow to develop a welfare application.

As explained, Kawasaki is called as an advanced technological and industrialized city and a frontier creating a new industry. So, the City of Kawasaki will aggressively continue to make further development of the innovative industries.


Since the coastal area of Kawasaki is appointed as a base for the special project by the National Government, the relating core research facilities have been established. This project aims to minimize a physical damage/human casualty as much as possible in the event that a natural disaster strikes the Tokyo Metropolitan area or greater city area. The City is inviting all related industries and aims to contribute to the world in order to realize more secured safety for people by promoting a development of next generation disaster prevention systems and technology including a rescue robot.



Through a cooperative relationship with the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), the City of Kawasaki addresses and works on environmental issues from a global standpoint. Since the social framework is under transforming from "Growth" to "Sustainability" and it is often referred to as "The Century of the Environment" in the recent years, it is imperative to solve environmental issues globally.
As Kawasaki has a history of contributing to the high growth of economy in Japan and overcoming the industrial pollution by a collaboration between a private-sector and the government, the City will initiate a new value of "Environment, the First" as a principle to be applicable through the future industry activities and will continue a best effort to penetrate it from Kawasaki.

The Environment


Toward the future, it is important to create and grow a human life related industry including welfare and life science which may help enrich and satisfy people's life.
Kawasaki possesses a range of competencies of manufacturing. Therefore, the 21st century style - life related industry will be disseminated to the world from Kawasaki by applying those to new industry of welfare.

Health and Welfare