Basic IR Policy

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1. The Basic IR Policy

The City of Kawasaki's "Fundamental Ordinance on Self-Governance of the City of Kawasaki" was established to provide the basic principles of self-governance consisting of the "Basic Principles for Information Sharing," "Basic Principles for Participation" and "Basic Principles for Collaboration." Article 16 of the Fundamental Ordinance says that "The Major of Kawasaki shall disclose financial and other information about the municipality in an easy-to-understand manner," requiring him/her to communicate information about financial conditions and the operating situation of the municipal government in an appropriate and accurate way. The City of Kawasaki is and will be engaged in investor relations (IR) activities based on this policy.

Information sharing through IR activities will be designed to create and grow mutual understanding and reliance among not only the citizens of Kawasaki and investors in the City but also other stakeholders, such as local communities and local companies, leading to city building through citizens' participation in the municipal governance and collaboration between the City and its citizens. From this perspective, the City is committed to widely providing information for respective stakeholders on an easy-to-understand and timely basis.

The City not only urges companies operating in the City to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) but is also working hard to take social responsibility (SR) on its own as a business operator in order to promote building a city that will enable virtuous circle links between the environment and the economy, such as corporate activities helping build sustainable local communities. To raise enough funds to maintain a city, the City will promote these initiatives, while actively providing information about them as part of its IR activities.

2. The IR Activity Policy

(1)Highly Reliable Information Provision

We at the City of Kawasaki are committed to building reliable relations with our citizens and investors, as well as the people concerned in the market. We will also communicate information related to the current financial position of the municipal government and future risks in an unvarnished and impartial manner, while providing information as an organization on a timely and continuous basis.

(2)Interactive Activities

We focus on understanding the information needs of our citizens and investors, as well as people concerned in the market and on interactive communications with them. We will accurately understand the opinions and requests from these stakeholders and reflect the valued input in future information provision and other IR activities, while using this input for the best management of the City.

(3)Easy-to-Understand Information Provision

We will communicate well-organized information to our citizens and investors, as well as to people concerned in the market, in an easy-to-understand manner. We will also make a point of explaining information, once it is communicated, in easy-to-understand terms from the perspective of these stakeholders so that they can recognize the City appropriately.

(4)Organizational Responsiveness

We ensure smooth and transparent communication of information within our City Office. We will also continue and will further develop our efforts to make quick responses to our citizens and investors, such as receiving inquiries from them and providing the information they need, through a single contact established at the City Office, while ensuring transparency by providing information in an integrated and organic manner.

IR Activity Scheme