(Text) KING SKYFRONT PR Video “Dream”

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(Text) KING SKYFRONT PR Video “Dream”

【Narrator】What is your dream?

【Sayaka Ishiyama ICLAS Monitoring Center Central Institute for Experimental Animals】As a person involved in medicine, I want to achieve results in my research that will contribute greatly to humanity.

【Quader Sabina Senior Research Scientist, Kataoka / Kinoh Lab Innovation Center of NanoMedicine】I want to find cure for the deadliest diseases, like brain tumor and metastatic tumor.I want to my innovation directly influence well-being of mankind.

【Kaoru Murakami Global Environment and Pollution Monitoring Section Kawasaki Environment Research Institute】I want to preserve the beauty of the global environment for our children of the future.

【Narihito Nagoshi Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Keio University School of Medicine Tonomachi Town Campus, Keio University】I want to deliver the results of my research on spinal cord injuries to patients throughout the world.

【Lab Operations Johnson & Johnson Institute (Tokyo Science Center)】I want to promote the high quality of medical care in Japan across the world through the opinions and needs of doctors in Japan.

【Narrator】Passionate researchers all have their own dreams, each with adistinctive color. Red, symbolizes passion.Blue is like the water of a quietly flowing river.Green is a gentle soothing color. At times,these dreams mix creating beautiful colors beyond our imagination.

【Narrator】Traditional Japanese-style manufacturing is combined with the gateway to the skies in Southern Kawasaki, attracting multi-colored dreams.

【Narrator】King SkyFront, a base for open innovation.Kawasaki is set to change the world and the future.

【Narrator】There are currently over 60 companies and organizations at King SkyFront. The Central Institute for Experimental Animals, or CIEA, was the first to move into King SkyFront.

【Narrator】What kind of research is being carried out at the CIEA?

【Yuji Komaki Researcher Live Imaging Center Central Institute for Experimental Animals】We create animal models of human diseases. Recreating human diseases in animals allows us to develop all kinds of drugs and treatment methods.We use mice and common marmosets as models of human diseases. My job here at the Live Imaging Center is to assess the state of diseases in the animal models  by using MRI or CT,and carry out research into imaging by examining how the animals change inside. All kinds of buildings have sprung up around here in the last year or two,with facilities involved in research or life sciences,allowing us to engage in a variety of joint research. It’s often a completely new experience being taught by people working in different fields. So it’s an extremely valuable experience for me sharing my own knowledge and ideas with others.

【Narrator】Located right next to the CIEA, where research and development are being carried out on experimental animals, is the Life Science & Environment research center, or LiSE. The center functions as a laboratory that connects researchers working in the fields of life sciences and the environment.

【Narrator】Ms. Akaboshi’s job is to ensure the health and safety of food for people living in Kawasaki City.

【Chie Akaboshi Physics and Chemistry Inspection (Food) Chief Life Science & Environment research center】I carry out inspections on food being sold at shops to make sure they satisfy legal standards for various additives, or inspect pufferfish to make sure they aren’t contaminated with poison and so on.I’m always aware of my responsibility to protect the safety of everyone’s lives through my work.

【Narrator】What’s an example of innovation unique to King SkyFront, according to Ms. Akaboshi?

【Chie Akaboshi Physics and Chemistry Inspection (Food) Chief Life Science & Environment research center】It was decided that we’d engage in joint research with the National Institute of Health Sciences and the CIEA. I have great expectations for this to give birth to new ideas that we can’t even imagine right now, if we can build good cooperative ties. I feel really excited about having moved to King SkyFront,and I’m happy to be able to work here.

【Narrator】The Innovation Center of NanoMedicine plays a central role at King SkyFront along with LiSE. Here, numerous universities, research institutes and companies gather under one roof to engage in joint research on developing effective treatments for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases for which cures have not yet been found.

【Narrator】Exceptional or innovative ideas, are indispensable in tackling difficult research issues.

【Narrator】This facility apparently has an open space, known as a Magnet Area,for encouraging innovation.

【Yuki Mochida Senior Research Scientist, Kataoka / Kinoh Lab Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM)】It encourages all kinds of communication. A lot of it is idle talk,

but there are experts in different fields, so when you come up against a brick wall, you talk to them and  they can offer you new ideas. It can lead to joint research, and it expands the scope of your research,too.

【Narrator】Mr. Mochida carries out research into cancer treatments that have fewer side effects. He uses small capsules known as nanomachines.

【Yuki Mochida Senior Research Scientist, Kataoka / Kinoh Lab Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM)】For example, if a person were to be the size of Earth, the nanomachine would be the size of a ping pong ball. It can be designed with a variety of internal structures so that the drug contained inside only targets cancerous cells or specific areas of cancers.I want to eliminate the side effects of cancer treatments. My ultimate goal is to create a world in which humans will be freed from the woes of illnesses.

【Narrator】King SkyFront is giving birth to numerous facilities involved in medicine,

health and life sciences.

【Narrator】The Johnson & Johnson Institute,  equipped with advanced medical devices, provides medical education with healthcare professionals in the same environment as at hospitals.

【Eri Ozaki Medical Professional Education Johnson &Johnson Institute (Tokyo Science Center)】It’s really important for surgeons to learn how to use medical devices safely and appropriately. While the outcome of medication can be expected to be consistent,it largely depends on surgeons’ skills and technics with devices. The location of King SkyFront has attracted doctors from overseas as well as domestic doctors. After years of working in this field,

I’ve come to realize that Japanese surgeons have extremely advanced skills. I want to spread their skills overseas, too through our training programs.

【Narrator】The National Institute of Health Sciences is a research and development institute of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for evaluating the quality,safety and effectiveness of drugs, medical equipment, regenerative medicine products, foods and chemicals.It serves as a new center for regulatory science in the 21st century in Japan.

【Narrator】The Japan Radioisotope Association is characterized by its futuristic building.

Performance tests, research and development are carried out on radioisotope products used in the fields of medicine, research, industries and so on.

【Narrator】PeptiDream is a bio-venture company that aims to discover the world’s first drugs using Japanese technology through alliances formed with major pharmaceutical companies around the world.The company has attracted attention from all over the world for its research and development in drug discovery with pharmaceutical companies using the proprietary Peptide Discovery Platform System, or PDPS.

【Narrator】As a place where state-of-the-art facilities and people involved in medicine, health and life sciences gather, overriding borders between the public and private sectors, King SkyFront is giving birth to innovative ideas even as we speak.

【Narrator】King SkyFront is also promoting the establishment of a network for supplying hydrogen for which there are great expectations as a source of next-generation energy.

【Narrator】A regional recycling model for producing and consuming hydrogen locally will be deployed at a KAWASAKI KING SKYFRONT TOKYU REI HOTEL slated to open in the spring of 2018.Hydrogen produced from used plastic collected locally will be piped directly to the hotel. There it will be used to generate electricity and heat in a pure hydrogen-type fuel cell.

【Narrator】The Tonomachi District A,where the Tokyu REI Hotel will be located, will be the gateway to King SkyFront, and it is being developed as a space with a wealth of nature where researchers and visitors will be able to relax.

【Narrator】A global strategic center of the highest standard in the world is about to be established in an ideal location along the Tama River,combined with advanced life science functions.

【Narrator】Moreover, a direct access road is slated for completion in 2020,connecting King SkyFront to Haneda Airport. This will give speedy access to other places not only within Japan,but also throughout the world, further promoting its growth as a center for open innovation.

【Narrator】King SkyFront on the southern edge of Kawasaki is where all kinds of people will gather to realize multi-colored dreams.

【Narrator】Exciting dreams are about to come true.