(Text) KING SKYFRONT PR Video“Dream” -short ver.-

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(Text) KING SKYFRONT PR Video“Dream” -short ver.-

【Narrator】What is your dream?

【Sayaka Ishiyama ICLAS Monitoring Center Central Institute for Experimental Animals】As a person involved in medicine, I want to achieve results in my research that will contribute greatly to humanity.

【Quader Sabina Senior Research Scientist, Kataoka / Kinoh Lab Innovation Center of NanoMedicine】I want to find cure for the deadliest diseases, like brain tumor and metastatic tumor.I want to my innovation directly influence well-being of mankind.

【Kaoru Murakami Global Environment and Pollution Monitoring Section Kawasaki Environment Research Institute】I want to preserve the beauty of the global environment for our children of the future.

【Narihito Nagoshi Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Keio University School of Medicine Tonomachi Town Campus, Keio University】I want to deliver the results of my research on spinal cord injuries to patients throughout the world.

【Lab Operations Johnson & Johnson Institute (Tokyo Science Center)】I want to promote the high quality of medical care in Japan across the world through the opinions and needs of doctors in Japan.

【Narrator】Passionate researchers all have their own dreams, each with adistinctive color. Red, symbolizes passion.Blue is like the water of a quietly flowing river.Green is a gentle soothing color.

【Narrator】At times,these dreams mix creating beautiful colors beyond our imagination.

【Narrator】Traditional Japanese-style manufacturing is combined with the gateway to the skies in Southern Kawasaki, attracting multi-colored dreams.

【Narrator】King SkyFront, a base for open innovation.Kawasaki is set to change the world and the future.