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What is the method to changing the bank account from which withdrawals are made?



Forms are available at banks in the city. You can apply at your newly designated bank. Contact the Water Supply and Sewerage (Joge Suido) Customer Center if you wish to have the form mailed to you. If the procedure is not yet completed directly after your application, we may withdraw money from the previous bank account, or send you a payment slip.

Required Items for Application:
A. Water Utility Number (This is listed in your Water Volume Usage Notification and your Water Utility Bill Receipt.)
B. Item Verifying Your Bank Account Number, such as a Bank Passbook
C. Seal Used to Open Your Bank Account

For More Informtaion, Please Contact

Water Supply and Sewerage Customer Center (Joge Suido Okyakusama Center)
Tel: 044-200-3548
Fax: 044-200-0041
E-mail: kawasaki@jougesui.jp
Reception Time: Open All year round, 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.