I would like to know about the income limitation for Program of Medical Expense Subsidy for Children



Regarding a child who is one year or older, there is an income limitation to an applicant (a guardian).
To receive the subsidy, the income earned by the applicant (a guardian) during the relevant year needs to be less than the limit.
The applicant is, in principle, father or mother who has higher income (a main earner).
Tax year to be certified is different depending on the month that you apply. (Please see FAQ12873 for more details.)
With a deregulation of the income limitation for the child-rearing allowance ("jidou teate") program, we have deregulated the income limitation from June 2012.

1 Income limitation
The number of dependents 0 6,300,000 yen
The number of dependents 1 6,680,000 yen
The number of dependents 2 7,060,000 yen
The number of dependents 3 7,440,000 yen
If there are more than 4 dependents, add 380,000 yen for each additional dependent.
In the case where the number of dependents include a spouse subject to the exemption of aged person or an aged dependent, add 60,000 yen for each such person.
This limitation amount has the social/life insurance premium equivalent (uniform deduction of 80,000 yen) added in advance.

2 How to find the income amount
(1) To whom earns salary income, the amount of employment income after the deduction is reduced, and to whom earns business income, the amount of income minus necessary expense will be the base.
(2) The number of dependents is as of December 31 of previous year of taxable year.
(3) It will be judged with the income of an applicant (when both parents earn, it will be considered with the higher income.)
(4) If there are any applicable items, the following items are reduced from the income to find the amount.
Casualty loss deduction, medical expenses deduction, deduction for small-scale enterprise mutual aid premium Equivalent to deduction amount
Deduction for physically disabled person 270,000 yen per person
Special deduction for physically disabled person 400,000 yen per person
Allowance for widow(special), widower's exemption, exemption for working student  270,000 yen (350,000 yen for special)
A person who is deemed to be a subject to allowance for widow or widower may reduce the deduction as mentioned above by application. (Please contact for more details.)

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