City Council and Citizens' Ombudsman System

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Kawasaki City Council

City Council: A legislative body comprised of elected representatives

The City Council is comprised of councilors elected directly by local citizens. The assembly deliberates city ordinances, budgets and petitions, in order to pass final resolutions. In addition to the four regular sessions held annually, ad hoc sessions are also called when necessary. Five standing committees have also been established for more detailed deliberations. The city council keeps citizens informed through the quarterly newsletter, internet, and television.

Kawasaki City Council

Citizens' Ombudsman System

Citizens' Ombudsman System

The Citizens' Ombudsman System protects the rights of citizens by resolving complaints and issues related to the city government, and by monitoring the municipal administration on behalf of the citizens. When deemed necessary, an Ombudsman may also advise and make recommendations to the mayor, local government and agencies in order to improve existing local public services.

The Ombudsperson System for Human Rights

The Ombudsperson System for Human Rights, in cooperation with related institutions, provides consultation and accommodates requests for relief concerning issues related to the violation of children’s rights, including bullying and abuse, and that of human rights regarding gender equality, including domestic violence and sexual harassment.