A Town Active in Sports

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Kawasaki Frontale

Citizens joining together to support Kawasaki Frontale(soccer)

Hosting a Diverse Range of Sporting Events

Top teams and athletes take part in Kawasaki sports and encourage sport activities as “Hometown Sports Promotion Partners”, contributing to urban renewal. Many citizens also take part in the Run Festa along the Tamagawa River.

Flag Football

Flag Football
Flag Football, which has rules based on American Football, is being introduced to many elementary school classes

FUJITSU Frontiers

Kawasaki-based FUJITSU Frontiers (American football), one of the city’s “Hometown Sports Promotion Partners” playing in the top league

Golden Grand Prix Kawasaki

"Golden Grand Prix Kawasaki" held at Todoroki Athletics Stadium

Kawasaki-Marien beach volleyball court

Beach Volleyball
Kawasaki-Marien beach volleyball court has been designated by the Japanese Olympic Committee as a special volleyball training center.

Tamagawa River Run Festa

Tamagawa River Run Festa

Kawasaki Mayor’s Cup Trampoline Japan Club Championship 2011

Kawasaki Mayor’s Cup Trampoline Japan Club Championship 2011