A Place to Relax with Nature

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Nikaryo Aqueduct

Ikuta Ryokuchi Park

Relax within the Lush Greenery and Water

In order to pass down a rich natural environment to the next generation, there are strong initiatives in place to foster and conserve precious natural areas such as the Tama Hills. In addition, natural areas for relaxation, parks, green areas, and “River Enjoyment Spots” are being promoted. There is also an encouragement for the “Growth of Local Greenery” through cooperation between citizens and the city administration.

Ozenji Furusato Park

Ozenji Furusato Park(Asao Ward)

Kuji Ento Bunsui

Kuji Ento Bunsui(Takatsu Ward)

Ikuta Ryokuchi Rose Garden

Ikuta Ryokuchi Rose Garden(Tama Ward)

Todoroki Ryokuchi Park

Todoroki Ryokuchi Park(Nakahara Ward)

Saginuma Contact Park

Saginuma Contact Park(Miyamae Ward)

Yumemigasaki Zoological Park

Yumemigasaki Zoological Park(Saiwai Ward)

The Higashi-Ohgishima East Park

The Higashi-Ohgishima East Park(Kawasaki Ward)