Showcasing of environmental technologies

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As part of the “Carbon Challenge Kawasaki ECO Strategy (CC Kawasaki)”, efforts are being made to showcase the excellent environmental technologies of Kawasaki City as a whole and conveying this information not only within Japan but also to other countries. It is being aimed to promote a virtuous cycle of the “environment” and “economy”, realizing a sustainable society on a global scale.


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Kawasaki Eco Gurashi Mirai-kan(Opened in August 2011)

Kawasaki Eco Gurashi Mirai-kan

This is a facility for experienced-based learning where visitors can learn about the environment, in particular regarding measures to prevent global warming, renewable energy, and resource recycling.

Kawasaki Station East Entrance Square(To be completed in April 2011)

Kawasaki Station East Entrance Square

A station square built with a variety of environmental technologies, including solar power generation, LED lighting, water-retentive/water-permeable paving and wall greening.

Kawasaki Mega Solar Power Generation Plant(Put into operation in 2011)

Kawasaki Mega Solar Power Generation Plant

The Mega solar power plants have started operation in Ukishima and Ogishima. The two plants jointly produce a total of 20,000 kW at maximum capacity, which is one of the highest generation capacities in Japan.

Kawasaki Biomass Power Station(Completed in February 2011)

Kawasaki Biomass Power Station

This is one of the largest domestic power plants fueled solely by biomass. Fueled by woody biomass, the plant produces clean, green electricity.