Harmonious & Cooperative Neighborhoods

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Basic Policy Outline

  • Develop a secure system focusing on an increasingly aging society
  • Create an integrated society where those with physical disabilities can live liberally as a part of the community
  • Secure a safe living environment
  • Provide an environment for citizens live comfortable and healthy lives
  • Provide secure medical care in the community
The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Kawasaki Municipal Hospital

“The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Kawasaki Municipal Hospital” , where warm support and a helping hand is available for babies and families

In order to improve society so that people can live freely in the community, Kawasaki aims to develop a system of mutual support. Improvements are being made in many living environments by utilizing the active private sector, and by the systematic refurbishment of aging multipurpose welfare facilities, to suit the needs of the individuals who use them.
As each shoulder their own responsibilities, the three municipal hospitals promote the efficient operation of medical institutions, while they also offer high quality, safe and reliable medical services in a manner that is both consistent and stable. Planning is underway to renovate the decrepitated Kawasaki Municipal Ida Hospital.

A Palliative Care Unit Conference at the Kawasaki Municipal Ida Hospital

Improving Medical Quality.
“A Palliative Care Unit Conference at the Kawasaki Municipal Ida Hospital”

Kawasaki Municipal Ida Hospital

Kawasaki Municipal Ida Hospital (renovations set for 2014)

The Emergency Center

“The Emergency Center” of the Kawasaki Municipal Hospital

Kawasaki Athletic Meeting for Handicapped People

An athlete putting forth maximum effort at the “Kawasaki Athletic Meeting for Handicapped People”

Lively Nursing Care ? Prevention Campaign

“Lively Nursing Care Prevention Campaign” ; helping senior citizens lead active, fulfilling and healthy lifestyles.

Healthy Activities

“Healthy Activities” project promoting active living to local senior citizens