A City of Citizen-led Local Government Based on Participation & Collaboration

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Basic Policy Outline

  • Create systems for autonomy and cooperation
  • Solve issues in the community through cooperation with residents
  • Provide high-quality administrative services that effectively satisfy the needs of citizens

Kawasaki promotes the expansion of citizen autonomy, including the management of ward citizens' councils and the operation of the public referendum system, based on municipal regulations for autonomy.
In order to correctly understand the diversified needs of the public and solve problems in the communities, Kawasaki strives to promote cooperative projects with civic activity organizations, enhance the functions of town and residents' associations, and revitalize regional communities.
Kawasaki promotes comprehensive innovation in ward administration so that the ward office becomes a cooperative base for citizens that identifies and solves issues within the community as well as offers hospitable front desk services.

Ward Citizens' Council

“Ward Citizens' Council”, tackling local challenges with ward residents

Volunteers and kids plant flowers

Volunteers and kids plant flowers

Kawasaki, a beautiful and comfortable hometown

Cleanup campaign carried out throughout the city to realize the vision of “Kawasaki, a beautiful and comfortable hometown”

Kawasaki Information Plaza

“Kawasaki Information Plaza”, where city publications are
free to browse and rent