Saiwai Ward

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MUZA Kawasaki Symphony Hall

MUZA Kawasaki Symphony Hall

Yumemigasaki Zoological Park

Yumemigasaki Zoological Park: About 370 animals of 60 species are bred and exhibited in the zoo. “Olive”, a baby Hartmann's zebra, was born in August 2011. A female lesser panda 'Ann' and a male lesser panda 'Fa-fa' were respectively bought to the Zoo in December 2011 and February 2012.

Tamagawa River

The “Tamagawa River”, loved by residents of the ward as a place for relaxation and various forms of exercise

Kawasaki City College of Nursing

Kawasaki City College of Nursing: Founded in 1995, the college has turned out 1,057 graduates who are now involved in health care or have entered higher-level education.

Efforts involving residents to promote their “happiness”

The ward was named “Saiwai Ward” after its former name “Miyuki Village” (“saiwai” is another way of reading one of the Chinese characters, “miyuki,” which means happiness), reflecting the local people's wish that the ward would be filled with happiness. In recent years, many large apartment buildings have been constructed around the train stations in Saiwai Ward, allowing for many people with children to move into the area, leading to an increase in its population as well. If you visit the west entrance of JR Kawasaki Station, you will discover super high-rise apartment buildings; “LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza”, one of Japan's largest commercial shopping complex; and “MUZA Kawasaki Symphony Hall”, which is one of the most iconic facilities of “City of Music-Kawasaki” In addition, the station square and pedestrian deck are being remodeled. Kawasaki is steadily assuming a new character.
You can also enjoy peaceful natural scenery in the ward, which is surrounded by the Tamagawa River, the Tsurumi river, and the Yagami River. The only zoo in the city, Yumemigasaki Zoological Park is also located in the ward, offering the local residents a place of relaxation. In the meantime, facilities and companies concerned with state-of-the-art technology have gathered in the ward, particularly in the Shin-Kawasaki area.

LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza

“LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza”, a large commercial shopping complex bustling with people

Shiawase Hiroba (Happy Square)

“Shiawase Hiroba (Happy Square)” in front of the west entrance of Kawasaki Station, where an objet d'art representing the sign of the ward is placed

K2 (K square) Town Campus

K2 (K square) Town Campus Research facility established under an agreement between Keio University and Kawasaki City

Efforts for the future

Measures against illegally parked bicycles

Measures against illegally parked bicycles - collaborating with the community for environmental improvement

Papa-to Saturday (Saturday with Dad)

Papa-to Saturday (Saturday with Dad) Supporting fathers to become more involved with childcare

  • Promoting the creation of an environment to facilitate childrearing, via hosting support seminars on Saturdays with an aim to increase fathers' participation in childcare and childrearing.
  • In light of the rapidly aging society, a scheme is being established to allow elderly people to continue living healthy lifestyles together, without feeling alone, in their respective communities.
  • In collaboration with residents, measures are being implemented against illegally parked bicycles around JR Kashimada Station.
  • Efforts are being made to enhance the attractiveness of the area including Yumemigasaki Zoological Park, an important asset of the ward.