Tama Ward

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The Tamagawa River

The Tamagawa River


“KAWASAKI MUNICIPAL SCIENCE MUSEUM” which had its grand opening in April 2012! Visit the world’s highest level planetarium which features a new-model of MEGASTAR, the nature exhibition room, and other attractions. You will surely be able to enjoy wonderful experiences in a beautiful natural environment.

Fujiko.F.Fujio Museum

“Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum”, exhibiting works of Fujiko·F·Fujio

Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum

“Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum”

The Tower of Mother

“The Tower of Mother” at the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art

Development of town based upon the participation and cooperation of residents

The Tama Ward, enriched by the lush natural environment of the Tamagawa River and the Nikaryo Aqueduct as well as the Tama Hills in its southern parts, was once known as a farming community famed for the cultivation of “Tama River Pears.” Although a great deal of the agrarian landscape remains, urbanization has progressed within the area in recent years.
Thankfully, a considerable amount of rich greenery still remains. Such an area includes the expansive 120 hectare Ikuta Ryokuchi Park, which is home to several educational and cultural facilities such as the “Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum”, the “Taro Okamoto Museum of Art”, and the “KAWASAKI MUNICIPAL SCIENCE MUSEUM”, which had its grand opening in April 2012. These grounds provide local residents with a popular recreational and learning environment.
The “Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum” and “Tama Sports Center” opened in 2011.
Also, three universities – Senshu University, Meiji University, and Japan Women’s University – are located in the ward. Students of these universities are engaged in a variety of activities in collaboration with ward residents.
Taking advantage of these abundant tourist attractions and other regional resources, the ward is promoting efforts to develop into a lively and attractive area. Collaborative efforts are also being taken with various organizations such as civic activity groups, business establishments, and the three universities.

Nikaryo Aqueduct

The “Nikaryo Aqueduct” is well known for beautiful cherry blossoms viewing

Three University Joint Concert

“Three University Joint Concert”, in which students give distinctive performances

Tama Sports Center

“Tama Sports Center” has an indoor swimming pool

Efforts for the future

Childrearing Support Passport

By presenting the “Childrearing Support Passport” at participating shops in the ward’s shopping district, you can receive distinctive services

Tama-ku Mina-no Koen Taiso

Everyone can join in the “Tama-ku Mina-no Koen Taiso”

  • The Childrearing Support Passport Project, with “supporting childrearing in Tama with smile” as its catchphrase, is being carried out to help families with pregnant mothers and/or children under 18. The shopping districts in the ward cooperate with each other to help childrearing in the ward.
  • “Tama-ku Mina-no Koen Taiso” (Tama Ward Park Exercises for Everyone) is performed in several parks and shrines within the ward. This activity was jointly established by local volunteers and the Health and Welfare Center for the purpose of health promotion and preventive health care for the elderly.