Kawasaki City Representative Assembly for Foreign Residents

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In the assembly, foreign residents discuss everyday issues that affect them in their communities.

What does the assembly do?

general meeting

The assembly meets eight or nine times a year. During these meetings, participants discuss issues and challenges facing foreign residents in everyday life in their communities. They then present the content of their discussions in a report to the mayor and submit proposals regarding actions they would like to have taken.

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How does someone become a representative?

A Representatives are recruited for a two-year term. They are selected from among all applicants by the nominating committee and are then formally commissioned by the mayor.

Would you like to observe an Assembly Meeting?

―Anyone is welcome to come and observe the meetings!―

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In addition, we may participate in events and surveys

The Open Forum

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International Festival In Kawasaki

Multicultural Festibal1
Multicultural Festibal1

The citizen’s festival


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