Convenient and livable

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The city, which is located near the center of the metropolitan area, features good traffic access and a comfortable living environment.

Dynamic city

Kawasaki City, with a population of 1.52 million and adjoining the capital Tokyo, is in an advantageous location as it is near the center of the metropolitan area. It is a dynamic city, having the highest population growth rate and the lowest average age of all major cities in Japan.

Excellent transport access

Kawasaki Station is little more than ten minutes by train from Haneda International Airport and Tokyo Station. Also, the Musashi-Kosugi station in the city directly connects via railway to Narita International Airport. Kawasaki City thus allows excellent transport access to places inside and outside the country. The city is also serviced by highway networks to guarantee easy access from principal cities.

Comfortable life environment

In close proximity to Kawasaki Station there are music halls, cinema complexes, large shopping malls, department stores, underground shopping arcades, and other facilities, which attract many people. Each of the seven wards also have their own cultural and commercial facilities to make the city comfortable and livable.

Abundant greenery

Although located in an urban district, Kawasaki City is rich in nature, with plenty of waterfront spaces and vast expanses of green. The Tamagawa River provides opportunities of leisure and relaxation for many people. The Ikuta Ryokuchi Green Space, which extends over the northern part of the city, is the perfect environment for visitors to enjoy all four seasons. Such places located in Kawasaki allow people to refresh their minds and bodies.

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