Numerous advanced industrial facilities and research&development institutes

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The city affords many business opportunities thanks to the concentration of global enterprises, leading-edge research & development institutes, advanced technologies, and technological skills.

Concentration of research & development institutes

Kawasaki is home to a large number of companies that have expanded their businesses globally. More than 200 research and development institutes in various fields, particularly ICT, electronics, machinery, and biotechnology, are located here. Employees at scientific, development, and research organizations make up 3.68% of all employees, which is the highest percentage among Japan's major cities (the average is 0.48%).

Numerous potential business partners

There is a concentration of production facilities and advanced technologies in Kawasaki. This means that no matter what industry you are involved in, you are sure to find excellent companies with which you can form business partnerships in Kawasaki. There are over one hundred foreign-financed companies whose strategic base in Japan is located in Kawasaki.


The coastal Tonomachi area adjoins Haneda International Airport across the Tamagawa River. Taking advantage of this beneficial location, Kawasaki City invites international research institutes, businesses, and other organizations to establish their research and development bases in life science, environment and other fields to this area.


Science parks

Kanagawa Science Park, KBIC, and other science facilities support developers and entrepreneurs in leading-edge technological fields.

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