Superior environmental technology

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The city contributes to the international society with its environmental technology that has been accumulated through efforts to overcome its pollution problems.

Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair

The Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair is held to communicate information to the world about efforts made in Kawasaki City in the areas of environmental technologies and products, in the belief that industrial information exchange and technology transfer will promote international contributions.

Contribution to improvement of the global water environment

In an effort to help improve the global water environment, Kawasaki City is promoting international cooperation by taking advantage of its wealth of waterworks technologies and expertise. The city also accepts trainees and observers from foreign countries.

Renewable energy

Various renewable energy-related facilities, including large-scale photovoltaic, biomass, and wind power stations, as well as the world's most efficient geothermal facility, are concentrated on a single site, where visitors can learn about leading-edge environmental energy technologies.

Kawasaki Eco-Town

Kawasaki City aims to create an "Eco-Town" where companies can cooperate with each other to reduce environmental impacts on the earth in every aspect of their business activities from production to disposal processes, in an effort to achieve harmony between industrial activities and the environment.

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