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The city is full of attractive sites, such as one of Japan's premier industrial nightscapes, world-class music halls, and bustling shopping facilitates.

Industrial tourism

Industries unique to Kawasaki are attracting attention as tourist resources. Industrial tourism, which includes visits to production lines or sites, has become popular.

Industrial nightscape

"Industrial nightscapes" are attracting a lot of sightseers. The lighting of factories at night creates scenes that visitors find appealing because they are removed from what is normally seen in daily life.

Museums and art galleries

People can enjoy cultural and artistic experiences unique to Kawasaki by visiting some of the many museums and art galleries. Facilities include the Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum which exhibits works by Fujiko・F・Fujio, who is famous for Doraemon, Nihon Minka-en which is Japan's most renowned open-air folk house museum exhibiting traditional houses of the Edo and other eras, and the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art which holds and exhibits works of the artist Taro Okamoto.

Artistic and cultural resources

Kawasaki City has abundant artistic and cultural resources. It attracts big international events particularly in music, including the Asian Heartbeat festival and Montreux Jazz Festival Japan in Kawasaki.

Historic landmarks

Kawasaki, which used to be a prosperous post town on the Tokaido, one of the Five Highways in the Edo Era, also now has many historic landmarks where visitors can feel the historical and cultural atmosphere, such as Kawasaki Daishi, a well-known apotropaic temple attracting many worshippers.


Various sports are thriving in Kawasaki City. Many strong teams based in the city, including Kawasaki Frontale which belongs to Japan Professional Football League (J. League), are demonstrating outstanding performance. Many international sports events are also held in Kawasaki.

Recommended Websites

  • Muza Kawasaki Symphony HallLinked to external website
    A world acclaimed music hall
  • Fujiko F Fujio MuseumLinked to external website
    A cultural facility established to bring the works and messages of Fujiko F Fujio, the author of 'Doraemon,' to all generations, through exhibition of original pictures and others
  • Nihon Minka-enLinked to external website
    Japan's most renowned open-air folk house museum
  • Taro Okamoto Museum of ArtLinked to external website
    An art museum that holds and exhibits pictures, sculptures, and other works of Taro Okamoto, a Kawasaki-born artist
  • Kawasaki City MuseumLinked to external website
    A combination of a museum that introduces the history of Kawasaki City and an art gallery that exhibits comics, posters, and other works of modern and contemporary expression
  • Kawasaki Daishi HeikenjiLinked to external website
    A well-known apotropaic temple, called Kawasaki Daishi, attracting many worshippers
  • KSGGLinked to external website
    Kanagawa Systematized Goodwill Guide Club

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