City Overview

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The city, which is located near the center of the metropolitan area, features good traffic access and a comfortable life environment.

The city affords many business opportunities thanks to the concentration of global enterprises, leading-edge research & development institutes, advanced technologies, and technological skills.

The city contributes to international society with its environmental technology that has been accumulated during the city's efforts to overcome its pollution problems.

The city is full of attractive places, such as one of Japan's premier industrial nightscapes, world-class music halls, and pleasant shopping facilitates.

Where is Kawasaki City?

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Kawasaki City is located in the northeast of Kanagawa Prefecture. It adjoins Tokyo across the Tamagawa River to its north and Yokohama City to its south. It also faces Tama Hills on its west and Tokyo Bay on its east.


1,522,241(as of April 1,2019)

Number of households

734,501(as of April 1,2019)

Total area


(as of January 1,2010)


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