Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT: Its Goal

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 Taking advantage of its exceptional access on land, sea and air, Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT is pursuing the goal of becoming the world’s highest-standard R&D hub in the areas of health, medicine, welfare and environmental technology.

 Specifically, methods to cure Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and spinal cord injury are being studied and developed, together with the development and manufacturing of innovative drugs and medical equipment, such as the design and production of state-of-the-art medical robots.

 These actions are progressing steadily at Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT, in order to overcome issues faced by the modern world to create a healthy society, while promoting sustainable growth of the global economy.

Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT: Its Potential as a Life Innovation Leader

 Internationally speaking, Japan is one of the few countries in the world that lead the movement to create new drugs. Together with the U.S. and Europe, Japan possesses all elements required to nurture knowledge-intensive industries, and the country demonstrates leadership over other Asian countries in this area.

 Furthermore, Japan has a rapidly aging population and a declining birthrate, faster than many other countries. As such, products and services that respond to the medical and consumer needs of the elderly society are expected to create many new business opportunities: That is why Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT strains in those areas

 In Addition, Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT’s proximity to Haneda International Airport is bringing Japan closer to the world and other Asian countries that have a rapidly growing life science market.

Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT: Its Potential as a Green Innovation Leader

SPERA HYDROGEN® demo plant / Courtesy Chiyoda Corporation

SPERA HYDROGEN® demo plant / Courtesy Chiyoda Corporation

 As the nucleus of the Keihin Industrial Zone, Kawasaki supported the rapid economic growth era of the nation. The flip side of rapid industrialization, however, was the degradation of the environment, including air and water pollution on a massive scale.

 In order to overcome this problem, Kawasaki City jointly worked with corporations to recover clean air and water. Consequently, much knowledge and human resources in pollution control is now recognized in this coastal area.

 Taking advantage of this, Kawasaki City is currently focusing on the utilization of hydrogen energy as a prime technology in “green innovation.” Such action of the City is very timely and likely to become an advanced model, since the industrial area adjacent to Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT has a massive hydrogen demand, and the area serves home to numerous fuel cell-related corporations.

 In addition, Kawasaki City’s action of matching personnel, technology and industrial platforms in eco-tech areas is likely to bring birth to many more new products, service and technologies at Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT. The City looks forward to such movements to improve the global environment and incubate numerous large-scale business opportunities.