Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT: Its Superiority

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Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT: Its Superb Transport Network Within and Outside Japan

 Located right in the heart of greater Tokyo, many important cities of Japan are within the 30 kilometer radius of Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT. Furthermore, Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT offers a logistical advantage by sea as it is in the center of Keihin Port. In addition, it is at the interchanges of numerous expressways that extend north to south, east and west.

 Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT is also just 600 meters away from the Haneda International Airport, the hub of numerous flights to and from Asia and the world. Taking full advantage of this aerial gateway, as well as other available excellent transport infrastructure by sea, road and railway, day trips from Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT can be made throughout Japan and some Asian countries. This will be enabled further with the construction of a bridge that directly links the Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT with the Haneda International Airport, to be completed in 2020.

 Furthermore, located at Haneda International Airport is the Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal (TIACT), an exclusive facility for medical drugs (medical gateway), where drugs for clinical test purposes are preserved at the proper temperature, and are maintained under strict security control. This medical gateway also assists Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT’s corporations and research facilities by allowing swift and efficient transport of their drugs to any medical institution within or outside Japan.

Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT: Its Accumulation of Human Resources, Information and Technologies

 New business opportunities for product and service development, as well as the need for advanced medical care are generated by the 37 million population of the greater Tokyo area where Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT is located.

 As of 2012, the area housed 4,933 corporations and 1,165 research institutions, as well as 35 universities and graduate schools with science and engineering departments, and 46,000 people employed in R&D work. All of this combined suggests the great potential of Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT to respond to constantly changing, advanced market needs.

 Since many leading corporations locate their headquarters in the greater Tokyo area, Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT’s geographical position also serves as an ideal front for the R&D facilities to work closely with their sales and business divisions.

Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT: Its Accumulation of Industries

R&D organizations and related facilities

 The areas surrounding Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT are unique for accumulating numerous global corporations, joint venture businesses, new businesses, medium and small-sized businesses with advanced manufacturing skills, as well as petrochemical factories and raw material industries. Since manufacturing and R&D are ideally conducted in close proximity, Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT serves as an optimal location with a high global potential for bringing birth to new technologies.