Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT: The Dynamic Collaboration Front of the Industry, Government and Academia

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  Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT is the Tonomachi development area of Kawasaki City, situated on the opposite shore of Tama River. Facing the Haneda International Airport and covering an area of approximately 40 hectares, concentrated here are the world’s forerunner corporations and research institutes in the areas of health, medicine, welfare and environment. Here, industry, government and academia collaborate dynamically beyond various barriers and restrictions.


R&D institutions
List of Corporations and Research Institutions at Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT
Organization Name/English URL Operation Start Mo./Yr. R&D Areas/Activities 
 Central Institute for Experimental Animals (CIEA)  Regeneration Medicine and New Drug Development CenterLinked to external website July, 2011

 · Produces new experimental animals such as the humanized mouse and genetically modified marmoset

· Aims to establish a model for healing spinal cord injuries through iPS cell-utilizing regenerative medicine, and R&D on in vivo experiments that are necessary for treating Alzheimer's disease

 Life Science and Environment Research Center (LiSE)Linked to external website March, 2013

 ·  Multiplex facility whose tenants are Kawasaki City's research institutions and private corporations, etc.

·  Promotes mutual exchange among researchers through the joint use of the exchange lounge, etc.

 Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM)Linked to external website April, 2015

 ·  Aims to establish a nano medical technology network hub within and outside Japan, by utilizing the cluster of goods-manufacturing corporations in the Keihin Coastal Area, and by taking advantage of Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT's proximity to the Haneda International Airport, as well as its designation by the national government as a special zone

·  Conducts research that leads to the commercialization of the nano medical technology with greatest medical/industrial impact in the three major areas of medical drugs, diagnosis/treatment equipment and regenerative medical support 

 · The Center of Open Innovation Network for Smart Health (COINS) Linked to external websiteis an innovation creation program (COI STREAM) promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, which bases its activities at iCONM. It is a revolutionary project for seeking to develop drastically new products and services that change the future by capturing the upcoming social needs through the combination of the latest technology, personnel and ideas of universities and corporations within and outside Japan.        

 Johnson & Johnson K.K. Tokyo Science CenterLinked to external website August, 2016

 ·  Trains medical-related personnel for their safe and correct use of medical equipment

·  Conducts hearing on medical-related personnel on their medical equipment needs

·  Conducts training for Johnson & Johnson Japan

 National Institute of Health SciencesLinked to external website Scheduled in 2017

 ·  The longest-standing national research institution in Japan

·  Conducts tests and research on the quality, safety and efficacy of medical drugs and foodstuffs

·  Promotes "regulatory science"

 Japan Radioisotope AssociationLinked to external website Scheduled in 2017

 ·  Promotes the diffusion and safe handling of isotope/radiation to improve the citizens' livelihood

·  Conducts functional tests/R&D of isotope products used in the medical, research and industrial fields

·  Conducts supply-related work of isotope products including their quality inspection, delivery and overseas return of used products

 Kanagawa Prefecture Life Innovation Center (tentative name) Linked to external website Scheduled in FY2016

 ·  A facility allowing a broad scope of business activities in the regenerative/cell medical field, from R&D through to product development and commercialization

·  Applications are accepted from corporations, universities and research institutes in Japan and abroad that specialize in the regenerative/cell medical field

·  As business partners, the facility will be jointly managed and maintained by the Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. and the Century Tokyo Leasing Corp.

 Create Medic CO., LTD.Linked to external website Scheduled in FY2016

 ·  Concentrated its R&D department functions at Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT

·  R&D on medical  "catheter," focusing on silicone catheter that has a high human body adaptability 

 FUJIFILM RI Pharma Co., Ltd.Linked to external website Scheduled in FY2016·   A facility matching the medical quality standard (pharmaceutical law), and conducts R&D on the most appropriate positron emission tomography (PET) diagnosis that meets each patient's needs, as well as research and verification of various supply-related issues
 CYBERDYNE INC.Linked to external website Undecided·  A global cyber innovation hub for conducting R&D, clinical trials and social implementation, as well as acquiring international approval on latest robotic medical/welfare equipment for society's health
 PEPTIDREAM INC.Linked to external website Scheduled in 2017

 · New drug R&D hub utilizing the Per Diem Payment System (PDPS)-incorporating "special peptides": PEPTIDREAM's original new drug development platform system

·    A bio-venture company aiming to create the world's first drugs with Japan's technology, by collaborating with globally leading pharmaceutical corporations

 Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)Linked to external website March, 2013

 ·  A public-interest corporation established by the Kanagawa Prefecture to promote science technology and support regional small and mid-sized businesses

·  Transferring some of its research facilities to LiSE, KAST develops equipment for diagnosing cancer cells in the blood, establishes the evaluation system for scientifically-proven functional food, and conducts antibacterial/antivirus function tests of photocatalysts on a consignment basis

 Material Research Center Co., Ltd.Linked to external website March, 2013

 ·  Conducts functional food ingredient efficacy evaluation tests on an consignment basis  

·   Manufactures and sells floor matting materials for small-sized experimental animals, and "Clear Wash Zero S" cleansing agent for medical/scientific/chemical experiment tools

 SRL Inc.Linked to external website March, 2013

 ·  A leading company in clinical tests on a consignment basis. Accepts requests for tests broadly from private clinics through to large-scale medical college-affiliated hospitals

·   Conducts analysis and reports results, backed by its high technology and strict quality assurance standards

·   Provides swift reports on general/emergency tests, taking advantage of Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT's convenient geographical location

·   Conducts AICS (Amino Index Cancer Screening) tests for evaluating cancer risks by observing changes in the blood's amino acid thickness 

 Solvay Nicca, Ltd.Linked to external website May,2015

 ·   Involved in the export, import, sales, R&D and technological service provision of Solvay's functional chemical products

·   Offers products and services to a wide variety of industries including metal processing (such as rust-proofing and lubrication), coating, ink production, agriculture-related (pesticide formulation, spreading agent, seed coating, fertilizer additive) production, detergent/aromatic product production, oil & gas production, metal recycling and water processing agents, by utilizing its surfactant, guaiacol derivative, phosphorus derivative, amine, environment responding-type solvent and various prescription technologies

 ALBA Corporation Co., Ltd. Jan, 2018

·  Mainly involved in the  inspection-by-mail management busines

·  Plans, produces and sells packaged product inspection service, as a pioneer in that area

·   Aims to build up an inspection service provision system that follows up the conditions of the inspection recipients and collaborates with medical institutions

·   Conducts inspection-by-mail (especially for sexually transmitted diseases) work

 Kawasaki City Institute for Public Health March, 2013

 ·   A scientific/technological research hub for taking proper health crisis control measures upon the outbreak of infectious diseases, food poisoning and pesticide mix-in [local hygiene research institute]

·   Actively works to upgrade the public hygiene level by conducting joint research with universities, various research institutes and corporations, and by collecting, analyzing and transmitting infectious disease-related information

 Kawasaki Environment Research Institute Feb, 2013·    Conducts 24-hour monitoring and contents analyses of the atmosphere in Kawasaki City, together with water quality analyses of the city's rivers, in order to promote research in solving environmental issues that affect the Kawasaki citizens' livelihood and health
 Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.Linked to external website Construction to start from FY2017

 ·   Town-building activities at Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT in cooperation/collaboration with Kawasaki City

·     Develops R&D assisting functions, as well as places of attractive human exchange and relaxation according to the image of a college campus where researchers can move around freely