Enrollment procedures and the places for the application

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To Parents of Foreign Nationality Who Wish to Enroll Their Children in an Elementary School or a Junior High School of Kawasaki City



If you wish to enroll your child(ren) in an elementary school or a junior high school of Kawasaki City, please note the following and take the necessary procedures.


Children eligible to enroll in April 2023

Elementary school: Children who were born between Apr. 2, 2016 and Apr. 1, 2017

Junior high school: Children who are expected to graduate from an elementary school in

Mar. 2023

   ・Even if children do not hold a status of residence, they are able to enter a school.


Application period

-       Applications to enroll your child(ren) in a school can be accepted at any time. However, please note that prospective pupils of elementary schools are required to undergo a health checkup prior to enrollment, which will take time, therefore, you are advised to submit your application(s) as soon as possible.

-       Procedures for the health checkup prior to the elementary school enrollment

The health checkup is conducted at an elementary school during the period from Nov. 1 to Dec. 1.   (The date and time of the checkup is decided by the area of your residence.)  Please contact the below section regarding the health checkup.  They will inform you of the date and place of the checkup by mail.

Section in charge of the health checkup: Health Education Section, Board of Education

Tel: 044-200-3293     FAX: 044-200-2853


Enrollment procedures and the places for the application

-       Documents required for the enrollment procedures

1.    Letter of enrollment application: The application form is available at the ward offices, the ward branch offices, elementary schools and junior high schools.

・ Please fill in the name as written on the resident card.

・ Please bring a document that certifies the child’s address and age.

2.    In case of application for a junior high school, please also bring the letter of prospective graduation from the child’s elementary school.

・ Children who are expected to graduate from elementary schools of Kawasaki City do not need to take the enrollment procedure.

-       Places for the application and the points of contact

Kawasaki Ward Office   Tel: 044-201-3141   FAX: 044-201-3290

Daishi Branch Office   Tel: 044-271-0138   FAX: 044-271-0125

Tajima Branch Office    Tel: 044-322-1969   FAX: 044-322-1992

Saiwai Ward Office   Tel: 044-556-6615   FAX: 044-555-3149

Nakahara Ward Office   Tel: 044-744-3172   FAX: 044-744-3341

Takatsu Ward Office   Tel: 044-861-3161   FAX: 044-861-3169

Miyamae Ward Office   Tel: 044-856-3141   FAX: 044-856-3196

Tama Ward Office   Tel: 044-935-3152   FAX: 044-935-3392

Asao Ward Office   Tel: 044-965-5121   FAX: 044-965-5202