How to Make a Donation to the Restoration of the Kawasaki City Museum Collection

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Due to Typhoon Hagibis, Kawasaki City Museum sustained significant flood damage in October 2019 when its valuable art property including fine artworks, paintings, cartoons, and films stored in the Museum’s repository were severely damaged. With support from the Japanese government and experts, we have removed them from the repository, and now are applying emergency care and restoration efforts such as cleaning them of any dirt or debris.

Thankfully, after learning of our situation, many individuals/organizations inside and outside of Kawasaki city have contacted us with donation offers and inquiries.

In our explanation below, we hope to answer on how you can make your contribution to help the restoration of the Kawasaki City Museum art collection. The funds we receive from you will be used with utmost care for the restoration of the artworks, so please see below for details on how to make a donation.


How to donate

Overseas residents/Organizations based overseas

Please remit your contribution to the bank account below in your national currency.Please note that the remittance fee and transfer fee will be borne by the donor. In addition, we would greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with the donor's name, address, and donation amount to the e-mail address below. Before making a transfer, you need to send the donor's name, address and donation amount to the email address listed below.


 Name of Bank  The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd. 
 Name of Branch Kawasaki Branch
 Bank address1-17,Isago 1-chome,Kawasaki-ku,Kawasaki,Kanagawa,JAPAN
 Swift Code HAMAJPJT
 Name of Account Kawasakishi Shimin Museum Taifu Higai Kifukin
 Account Number 6264958

For remittance from countries other than Japan, please make sure you have confirmed the following in advance with the bank:

-  Is the bank you plan to ask able to remit your money to either of our above accounts? If it its possible, ask how many days it will take and how much transfer fee you will be charged.

-  The transfer fee will be borne by the donor. Please let the bank agent know that you will bear the remittance fee and transfer fee.

-  Make sure you receive a ‘receipt of remittance’ from the bank.