Administrative Service Corner

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Regarding the Administrative Service Corner


Certifications are available for collection while commuting to work or shopping. Additionally, various certifications issued throughout different areas of the City are all available for collection regardless of which Administrative Service Corner is visited.


  • Opening Hours

Weekdays: 7.30 ~ 19.00

Saturday/Sunday: 9.00 ~ 17.00


  • Closed Days

Public holidays (includes substitute public holidays), New Years Holiday (December 29th ~ January 3rd)

* Due to machinery inspections, additional days of closure or a temporary suspension of issuing Family Registry related certifications may occur.
*Kawasaki Administrative Service Corners are open also on public holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


  • Issuing of various certifications

- Family registry (whole family or individual) certifications and attached cards to the family register (excluding removal certifications from the family register and the attached card) for persons who have legal domicile in Kawasaki City

- Copies of a certificate of residence (excluding removal certification)

- Certifications of entry in the resident card (including the Annual Reporting on Pensioner’s Eligibility Status)

- Certification of seal registration (seal registration card required)

- Tax (exclusion and exemption) certifications of the municipal inhabitants tax/prefectural inhabitants tax for the most recent fiscal year (excluding certifications for undeclared persons due to their status as dependents, etc. and those moved out from Kawasaki City)

  • Other Services

 ・Guide to city administration

 ・Book Return Service (Saginuma and Noborito Administrative Service Corner only)

   Book return posts have been set up at the Saginuma and Noborito Administrative Service Corners. Books, regardless of which library they were borrowed at, can be returned to these posts. Please utilize these posts on the occasion that you are returning books (CDs can not be returned) borrowed from Kawasaki City Libraries.

  • Administrative Service Corner Locations and Contact Numbers
  • Kawasaki Administrative Service Corner

The Kawasaki Kita-Terrace Administrative Service Corner is located in the North passage way of JR Kawasaki Station.

Tel: 044-244-1371

  • Kosugi Administrative Service Corner
    Located on the north exit bus terminal side of JR Musashi-Kosugi Station, underneath the station post-house
    Tel: 044-722-8685
  • Mizonokuchi Administrative Service Corner
    JR Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station, NOCTY Plaza 1, B1
    Tel: 044-814-7500
  • Saginuma Administrative Service Corner
    Located on the north exit of Saginuma Station, Denen-toshi Line, Tokyu Dwell-Arusu, Saginuma NexStage Level 1
    Tel: 044-852-8471
  • Noborito Administrative Service Corner
    Located in front of the central wicket at JR Noborito Station in the JR Noborito Station Building “Aji-no-shiyoku-sai-kan-Noborito”, L2
    Tel: 044-933-3000
  • Suge Administrative Service Corner
    Located on the south exit of Keio Inadazutsumi Station, Keio Line, along the Fuchu-kaido, KT Plaza Building, L5
    Tel: 044-945-2730

* Issuances will not be made to third persons (unless they have a letter of proxy, etc.)

* For those who plan to use the Service Corners, please bring an identification document that can be used to confirm your name.

* Due to the computerization of the Family Register, the names and statuses of those who have had their record withdrawn prior to 1st June 2007 are not available.
It is also possible that some Family Registry records listed prior to 1st June 2007 will not be available.

For those who require the records of those who withdrew from the Family Register or require the records and statuses that are not available, please go to the appropriate Ward Office/Branch Office/Local Office where the former non-computerized Family Registry is available.


  • Inquires
  • Regarding Administrative Service Corners
    - Kawasaki Contact Center, Thank you call Kawasaki
     Tel: 044-200-3939
     Fax: 044-200-3900

   - Community Promotion Department, Citizens' and Cultural Affairs Bureau
Tel: 044-200-2309

     Fax: 044-200-3912

    Regarding Government Service Terminals

  • System Management Section, Information Management Department, General Affairs Bureau

Tel: 044-200-2077

Fax: 044-200-3752