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I would like to know how to dispose of oversized garbage.



Collection of oversized garbage is available for a fee.
Items which include metal with the length of 30cm or longer and those not including metal with the length of 50cm or longer are considered as oversized garbage.

How to dispose of oversized garbage is as follows.
1 Apply for the collection.
2 Purchase oversized-garbage pickup tickets.
3 Attach the oversized-garbage stickers to it and put it out on the day of collection.

1 Apply for the collection

Please measure the longest part of the garbage before making the application.
Handling fee, collection schedule, and acceptance number are informed at the application. Additionally, place to put the garbage out will be confirmed as well.

Please apply no later than three days prior to the designated collected date in your area (excluding from Dec.31 to Jan.3, Saturday, and Sunday). When the number of applications exceeds the limit to be accepted, there is a possibility that your request is put off to the next collection date. Therefore, we recommend you to apply as soon as possible.

Application Desk
Kawasaki City Oversized Garbage Center
Tel: 044-930-5300
Monday - Saturday 8:00am – 4:45pm (excluding from Dec.31 to Jan.3, and Sunday)
Online [Application for collection of oversized garbage] (the electronic application service, "Net Madoguchi Kawasaki (Online Service Window Kawasaki)")
Available 24/7
For hearing-impaired only
FAX: 044-930-5310

(Please refer to the below contact information and the related website.)

2 Purchase oversized-garbage pickup tickets.

Handling fees of the oversized garbage fall in to three different prices, which are 200 yen, 500 yen, and 1,000 yen, by length and so on of the item.
Please purchase Kawasaki-shi Sodai-gomi Shoriken ("oversized-garbage pickup tickets") for the price that has been confirmed upon application.
For the information on "Application of reduction of oversized garbage handling fee (for the purpose of beautification activity, for the household on welfare, etc...)", please contact Living Environment Protection Office (Seikatsu Kankyo Jigyosho) directly.
(Please refer to the following related website for the Living Environment Protection Office in your area)

Where to purchase
Convenience stores and post offices (JP Banks) in Kawasaki City

Handling convenience stores:
Community Store, Circle K Sunkus, Three-F, 7-Eleven, Daily Yamazaki, Yamazaki Daily Store, FamilyMart, Poplar, Ministop, and Lawson

3 Attach the oversized-garbage stickers to it and put it out on the day of collection.

Please write your "name" or "acceptance number" and the "collection date" on "the oversized-garbage sticker", and attach it in plain view on the oversized garbage to be collected.
Put it out by 8am on the reserved day at the garbage collection site that has been confirmed.


Please throw out the metal products with the length of shorter than 30cm (including umbrellas and wire hangers) as "small metal articles" at the same garbage collecting site with that for empty cans and PET bottles on the same collection day with oversized garbage. Application is not required and it's free of charge.

Please also use our app for sorting garbage. With the app, we provide various kinds of information such as keyword search on recyclables and trash, alert function for you to make sure the collection schedule, tips, 3R Quiz, and more.

For More Informtaion, Please Contact

Oversized Garbage Reception Center Tel: 044-930-5300
Waste Collection Planning Section, Living Environment Department, Environment Bureau Phone: 044-200-2551