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I'd like to know how to dispose of used paper...


I'd like to know how to dispose of used paper (newspapers, magazines, cardboard, etc...), used clothes (old clothes, old cloth, etc...), returnable bottles, and so on discharged from general household.


For the collection of recycled paper (newspapers, magazines, and cardboard), Neighborhood association, Residents association, PTA, and Apartment Management association are cooperated with the Resource Collection companies to collect them. So the place and the date of collection are different depending on the area.

If you would like to know the place or the date, please ask Neighborhood association, Residents association, PTA, Apartment Management association or neighbors, or contact the Waste Collection Offices governing your area by phone or e-mail (or fax).

When contacting them, please let them know your detailed address including the street, number, and ward, and the name of the apartment if you're living in a collective housing unit.

To prevent the third party taking off with the recyclables, we do not announce the time, date, the places, and so on our website and ask the local groups to publicize only within the area.

[Kawasaki Waste Collection office]
(Service areas): Kawasaki ward
Tel: 044-266-5747
Fax: 044-287-1840
E-mail: 30kawase@city.kawasaki.jp

[Nakahara Waste Collection office]
(Service areas): Saiwai ward and Nakahara ward
Tel: 044-411-9220
Fax: 044-434-7336
E-mail 30nakase@city.kawasaki.jp

[Miyamae Waste Collection office]
(Service areas) Takatsu Ward and Miyamae Ward
Tel: 044-866-9131
Fax: 044-857-7045
E-mail: 30miyase@city.kawasaki.jp

[Tama Waste Collection office]
(Service areas) Tama Ward and Asao Ward
Tel: 044-933-4111
Fax: 044-934-8550
E-mail: 30tamase@city.kawasaki.jp

For More Informtaion, Please Contact

Waste Reduction Promotion Section, Public Waste Management Department, Environmental Protection Bureau
1 Miyamoto-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, 210-8577
Tel: 044-200-2579
Fax: 044-200-3923
E-mail: 30genryo@city.kawasaki.jp