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I would like to know how to dispose of household trash containing metal.



Depending on the length of the longest side, it can be either a small metal article or oversized garbage.

Shorter than 30 cm: small metal articles
30 cm or longer: oversized garbage
(For cooking appliances, please measure not including the handles.)
(Wire hangers and umbrellas are small metal articles, regardless of size.)

For more details, see the related-web pages as below.

Please also use our app for sorting garbage. With the app, we provide various kinds of information such as keyword search on recyclables and trash, alert function for you to make sure the collection schedule, tips, 3R Quiz, and more.

For More Informtaion, Please Contact

Kawasaki Ward: Kawasaki Waste Collection Office Tel: 044-266-5747
Saiwai / Nakahara Ward: Nakahara Waste Collection Office Tel: 044-411-9220
Takatsu / Miyamae Ward: Miyamae Waste Collection Office Tel: 044-866-9131
Tama / Asao Ward: Tama Waste Collection Office Tel: 044-933-4111