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How do I apply for a city tax certificate via mail?



If applying for a city tax certificate and other such documents by mail, send the following documents to the administrator of the Taxation Office, Municipal Residents Taxation Section (Shiminzeika) or the administrator at the Taxation Branch Office listed in the Related Page below (List of Municipal Taxation Counters)

(1) Application Form:
Download via the Related Page below (Municipal Tax Application Download (Certificate)).
Enter the following information. (You can apply by writing on a writing pad as well.)
<Items to Include>
a) Address, Name, Number to Be Reached During the Day
If moving outside the city, also include your former address in Kawasaki City.
For corporations, write the name of the CEO and include the CEO's stamp.
b) Purpose of Use (Example: Application for Child's Medical Care Certificate, Banks, etc.)
c) Type, Year, and Number of the Required Certificates

・For municipal and prefectural residence tax certificates, be careful not to incorrectly write the fiscal year, as the 2019 fiscal year certifies income from January to December of the prior year (2018).
・Application is required if you wish to have your income noted on the tax exemption certificate (hikazei shomeisho)(for dependents).
・For fixed property tax certificates (kotei shisanzei shomeisho) and other such documents, write the type of property (land, home, depreciable assets), the lot number, and the building number.
・For light automobile tax certificates (keijidoshazei shomeisho), write the license plate number of the automobile.

(2) Postal Money Order (Fixed Amount) (Teigaku Kogawase) Equal to Fee Amount
The processing fee is 300 yen per item.*
Tax payment certificate (nozei shomeisho) for renewed inspection on light automobiles is free.
*The number of certificates is are count as below:
・One copy of each Tax Payment Certificate, Taxable Amount Certificate, and Tax Exemption Certificate for each tax item, year, and tax payer.
・One copy of Fixed Assets Described Items Certificate for each Asset and year. (For the land of Condominium owned house, there is a case where the number of lots exceed 10 lots or a case where the depreciable assets are different.)
・One copy of Referencing Tax (Supplementary taxation) Book (Land Tax Register Book) for each tax payer, type of assets (land/houses), year.
For more details, please see “The Contact for this FAQ” as below.

・Postal money orders (fixed amount) (teigaku kogawase) can be purchased at the post office.
(Incurs a separate post office fee.)
・Prepare a money order for the exact amount.
・Do not write anything in the designated receiver field of the postal money order (fixed amount).

(3) Return Envelope:
Apply a stamp and write the destination address.

(4) Documents Confirming the Destination for the Certificate
In principle, we will send to the new address of the taxpayers without requiring mail forwarding.
・Kawasaki City Tax Notice (Nozei Tsushisho) Destination Address
・Headquarters or Branch Address of Corporation (Where Tax Return Can be Verified)

a) Destination not required if the address above.
b) If you wish to have it sent to another address (due to relocation), include a copy of government-issued documents verifying your residence at the time you lived in Kawasaki City and your past residences up to the present.
(Example: Driver’s License, Health Insurance Card, Residence Certificate, etc.)

(5) Required Documents for Application for the Taxpayer (Individual) or a Family Member Residing in the Same Domicile:
A Letter of Attorney (Notification of Agent Appointment, Consent Form), Document Verifying the Relation with the Taxpayer, etc.
If the destination address for the certificate is that of the delegate/proxy, include a copy of government-issued document (corporate certificate of all registered matters (hojin toki jiko shomeisho) that verifies that destination address.

For details see the Related Page below (Obtaining a City Tax Certificate Via Mail).

For More Informtaion, Please Contact

Kawasaki City Tax Office, Municipal Tax Section (Shiminzeika), Administration Subsection (Kawasaki & Saiwai wards) Tel: 044-200-3882
Tel: 044-200-3882
Kosugi City Tax Branch Office, Administration Subsection (Nakahara warad)
Tel: 044-744-3231
Mizonokuchi City Tax Office, Municipal Tax Section (Shiminzeika), Administration Subsection (Takatsu & Miyamae wards)
Tel: 044-820-6560
Shinyuri City Tax Office, Municipal Tax Section (Shiminzeika), Administration Subsection (Tama & Asao wards)
Tel: 044-543-8958