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I found an injured or sick wild animal/bird, what should I do?



Please bring it to the Yumemigasaki Zoological Park for medical treatment and rehabilitation. Once it has recovered, it will be released back into the wild. However, harmful birds and animals, such as crows, domestic pigeons, Masked Musang and so on, cannot be accepted for care, because they are not allowed to release after recovery. Pet animals also cannot be accepted for care.

1. Reception:
(1) Contact: Management Office, Yumemigasaki Zoological Park
(2) Tel: 044-588-4030

2. Opening hours: 08:30 - 17:00 (open 365 days per year)

3. Note: Please be sure to call the office before visiting the park.

4. Additional information:
The following centers and zoological parks in Kanagawa Prefecture also accept wild animals for care.
Wildlife Section, Kanagawa Prefectural Natural Environment Conservation Center
Tel: 046-248-6682
Yokohama City Nogeyama Zoological Gardens
Tel: 045-231-1392
Yokohama City Kanazawa Zoological Gardens
Tel: 045-783-9101
Yokohama City Yokohama Zoological Gardens ZOORASIA
Tel: 045-959-1000

For More Informtaion, Please Contact

Construction and Greenery Development Bureau, Yumemigasaki Zoo Park Tel: 044-588-4030
Email: 53yumemi@city.kawasaki.jp
Note: Zoo Park opens 365 days per year, but you can contact us by phone only on weekdays.
Outside of the opening hours, you are guiding by the automated voice.