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I would like to know the procedure for changing entries like address on my drivers' license.



Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department holds jurisdiction over any procedures in relation to driver’s license.

Please go to [Corresponding Site] below for the information on the procedures to change the listed information including address, place of registry, name and date of birth on your driver’s license. You may also contact your closest police station, driver’s license center.

For More Informtaion, Please Contact

Kawasaki Police Station TEL: 044-222-0110
Kawasaki Police Station Tel: 044-222-0110
Kawasaki Rinko Police Station Tel: 044-266-0110
Saiwai Police Station Tel: 044-548-0110
Nakahara Police Station Tel: 044-722-0110
Takatsu Police Station Tel: 044-822-0110
Miyamae Police Station Tel: 044-853-0110
Tama Police Station Tel: 044-922-0110
Asao Police Station Tel: 044-951-0110
Driver’s License Center Tel: 045-365-3111