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Can one acuquire for a certificate soon after registering for seal registration



As exceptions in the seal registration process, having the person themselves come to the helpdesk, if one of the following conditions is met, the registration will be done the immediately and at the same time a seal registry certification document can be issued.

1 Exception conditions:
1) When presenting a licence with photograph issued by a government office.
2) When having a guarantor that has their seal registered in Kawasaki city.
* For details, refer to the seal registry certification document explanation on our web page.

2 Documents to present: Application form.
3 Fee: The registration process is free. The seal registry certification document is 300 yen per copy.
4 Where to apply: Residence division at the municipality, support office residence center
5 Who applies: People with residence registration in Kawasaki city. (However, those younger than 15 and wards who are of age cannot make the registration.)
6 How to apply: Directly at the helpdesk.
7 Reception hours
(1) Residence division at the municipality, branch office's residence center, attached offices, public services corner, Kakio communication center.
Weekdays 8:30 AM to 5 PM
Second and Fourth Saturdays 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM (The branch office's residence center, attached offices, public services corner and the Kakio communication center do not open on these dates)
(2) Public services corner. Weekdays 7:30 AM to 7 PM; Weekends 9 AM to 5 PM
8 Closed days: Saturday (excluding 2nd and 4th), Sunday, holidays, December 29th to January 3rd, when there are maintenance operations.
9 What is necessary: The seal to be registered and what is necessary to meet the conditions stated above.
10 Important note: If a proxy is doing the registration, it cannot be finished on the same day. For details, please refer to the seal registration application explanation page on our website.

For More Informtaion, Please Contact

"Kawasaki Ward Office、Civil Affairs Section Tel:044-201-3143
Daishi Branch Office、 Ward Center Tel:044-271-0139
Tajima Branch Office、 Ward Center Tel:044-322-1970
Saiwai Ward Office、Civil Affairs Section Tel:044-556-6616
Nakahara Ward Office、Civil Affairs Section Tel:044-744-3175
Takatsu Ward Office、Civil Affairs Section Tel:044-861-3163
Miyamae Ward Office、Civil Affairs Section Tel:044-856-3144
Tama Ward Office、Civil Affairs Section Tel:044-935-3154
Asao Ward Office、Civil Affairs Section Tel:044-965-5122"