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I want to know what kind of seals municipalities will register.



Seals that can be registered
Any one of these 1 to 5, and also the one that does not fall under any of those mentioned in "Seals that cannot be registered".
1 Seals that show name completely
2 Seals that show a family name only
3 Seals that show a first name only
4 Seals that show a combination of a part of family name and first name
5 If you are a foreign nationality and have your common name on the resident card, the common name is available also.

Seals that cannot be registered
The one that falls under any of 1 to 6 below.
1 Seals that the size of the impression fits into a square with 8mm length of each side, or that the size does not fit into a square with 25mm length of each side.
2 Seals that shape of the impression changes easily such as rubber stamps.
3 Seals that the impression includes other than name such as an occupation and a qualification. (However, as a common practice, seals with "の印" or "之章", and with "子" (women only) can be valid.)
4 Seals that the impression has been vaguely outlined, seals that have been worn out, with no outline, or the outline has been chipped off, or seals that have been engraved upside down.
5 Seals that the impression is with a design of ryumon or arabesque.
6 Seals that have already been registered by others.

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