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How do I request a family register certificate (Koseki kankei shomeisho) via overseas mail?



If requesting a Certified Copy of Your Family Register (Koseki Tohon) (Excerpt), a Certificate of Removal (Josekihon) (Excerpt), or a Supplementary Family Register (Koseki no Fuhyo) via overseas mail, send the following documents to the Kawasaki City Mail Request Center (Kawasaki-shi Yuso Seikyu Jimu Center).

1. Request Form (While there is no set format, be sure to include the below items.)
(1) Type of Certificate: Complete Family Register Certificate (Koseki Zenbu Jiko Shomeisho) (Family Register (Koseki Tohon)), Individual Family Register (Koseki Kojin Jiko Shomei (Abstract of Family Register (Koseki Shohon)), Complete Certificate of Removal (Joseki Shohon), Partial Family Register Certificate (Koseki Ichibu Jiko Shomei), Partial Certificate of Removal (Joseki Ichibu Jiko Shomei), Identification Card, Certified Copy of Supplementary Family Register (Koseki no Fuhyo), Copy of Exemption Note (Jofuhyo)
(2) Required Number of Copies
(3) Permanent Residence (Include Street Number and Town, First and Last Name
(4) Name of Person(s) Written on Certificate
(5) Purpose of Use (Reason for Request)
(6) Address and Name of Requester
(7) Your Relation, if Different from the Person Noted in the Request or Certificate

2. Reply Envelope (Write the return address. However, do not apply a stamp.)
(1) Complete Family Register (Koseki Tohon), Individual Family Register (Abstract of Family Register), Partial Family Register: 450 Yen
(2) Complete Certificate of Removal, Individual Certificate of Removal (Abstract of Removal), Partial Certificate of Removal: 750 Yen
(3) Certified Copy of Supplementary Family Register, Copy of Exemption Note: 300 Yen
(4) Identification Card: 300 Yen
(5) Include an international postal money order to account for the certificate issue fee and the return postal fee. The amount should include the processing fee and the cost of the stamp for the return envelope. We will return any change leftover from the international postal money order. See the International Mail and Oversees Fee Chart (Postal Service Website) in Related Pages below for postal charges for your residing country’s post office, the possibility of sending money via yen, and how to send international postal money orders.

3. Documents Verifying Your Identity
(1) Copy of document verifying your identity, such as a Japanese driver’s license, passport, etc.
(2) Copy of public documents verifying your return address and name (public utility pay slip, postmarked postal documents, etc.)
(3) If the return address can be confirmed along with your identity, a copy of an overseas driver’s license or other such document will suffice.

4. Address
Kawasaki City Mail Request Center,
Asao Ward Office Kakio Sub-Building
6-29-18 Kamiasao, Asao-ku, Kawasaki City, 215-8566

5. Note
(1) For your permanent dress, you are required to include your street number and the name of your town in addition to the name of the municipality and state/province/prefecture.
(2) If no particular direction has been given, we will send the documents via air mail, and notify you of the arrival date in advance.
(3) For those who desire EMS (International Express Mail Service), please write “EMS Return Desired” on your request. Note that you will be responsible for paying the EMS fees and EMS envelope charges.
(4) Converting currency from international postage money orders takes time. Please note ahead of time that it will take several days to return your documents.

For More Informtaion, Please Contact

Kawasaki City Mail Request Center (Kawasaki-shi Yuso Seikyu Jimu Center) Phone: 044-987-6111
Reception Hours: Weekdays, Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.